BRAND NEW! Black Vintage Gravity Baseboard Registers – Available Now!

Finally! An affordable Gravity Baseboard Register with a Black Finish! These fantastic new items will easily replace your old, over-painted and rusted out Gravity Registers. This style of register used to be quite popular but they’ve become less and less common over the years. This made having an old gravity baseboard register difficult. When it came time to finally update their vents, most people discovered that the industry had largely left them behind. There were options available but most of them were either custom made with too high a price tag, or they didn’t have the finish you were hoping for. While finish options are still limited, we now have both of the standard 15″ x 12″ (min duct opening of 12″ x 8″) and the 13″ x 12″ (min duct opening of 10″ x 8″) sizes available in White and now for the first time Black!

Black Gravity Registers available in 15″ x 12″ and 13″ x 12″ sizes!

Please see minimum duct opening requirements before purchasing

They feature a durable steel frame and insert and are manufactured with high quality materials in the USA just like their white finished counterparts. The swinging, plate style damper allows for complete control over the airflow to the register. Available in both 15″ x 12″ and 13″ x 12″ sizes.

To purchase or see more information on these items, visit one of our websites at the links provided below! Can’t wait to see you there!

Floor Registers n’ Vents

Installer Store

Still have questions? Please feel free to call toll free at 866-258-1554 from 8am – 5pm CST Monday through Friday!

Our experienced staff is standing by to help you with all of your register needs!

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What Type Caulking Should I Use On My Project?

If you’re like most people, caulking probably isn’t something you worry about on a regular basis. With all the other responsibilities on your plate, who would blame you? So, when it does come the time to update the seals in your home, you find yourself at a loss. You’re not alone and we can help! The world of caulking is vast and often confusing without the right guidance. Fortunately for you, we are here and we know just what you need.

There are many different types of caulking available. Most of them are some sort of proprietary blend that is specific to the manufacturer who makes it. For this blog, however, we are going to be focusing on three of what we consider to be the standard types of caulking, Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk, Ultra Performance Latex Caulk and Silicone Caulk. 

When getting started, the first thing I ask a customer about their caulking project is “Where will this caulking be applied?”. Normally, this question is all you need to make the proper recommendation but sometimes a little more clarification is needed.

For example, if you are going to be caulking indoors and NOT around moisture, the Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk by ColorFast Industries, AKA Latex Caulk for short, would be your best bet. Latex Caulk is easy to apply and easy to clean up. It’s great for indoor fixes such as windows, doors and counters. Latex Caulking is often referred to as Painters Caulk due to the fact that it can be painted after the caulking cures. Latex Caulk can be weakened by extreme temperatures and sunlight. You would NOT want to use Latex Caulking in places that see a lot of direct sunlight or places that accumulate moisture such as bathrooms and sink areas. Moisture can be absorbed into Latex Caulking, deteriorating the adhesive and ruining the seal. Also, standard Latex Caulking doesn’t flex as much as other caulking. As such, you wouldn’t want to use Latex Caulk in places where the joints move and settle. Fortunately, that’s where the Ultra Performance Latex Caulk comes in.

Ultra Performance Latex Caulking is an incredible product also made by ColorFast Industries. It’s made with some of the same components as Latex Caulking but it’s proprietary blend allows it to be used indoors, outdoors and in high moisture areas. Places that would require this kind of caulking would be exterior windows and doors as well as around places that accumulate moisture such as bathrooms, tubs, sinks and laundry rooms. Ultra Performance Caulk is also highly expansive and flexible. It will expand up to 500% the rate of standard Latex Caulking. This is perfect if you need to apply a thicker bead or if the joint you are caulking needs to remain flexible while still holding it’s seal. One thing to note about the Ultra Performance Caulk is that although it is highly resistant to moisture, it is not waterproof. If too much water collects on the caulking, the beads will erode over time. The best way to avoid this would be to make sure that you are drying off any caulked surfaces with a towel before dangerous levels of moisture build up occur.

The final type of caulking that we’ll be talking about today is the 100% Silicone Caulking available from Color Rite, also referred to as Color Sil 100% Silicone Caulk. The biggest selling point to Color Sil is the fact that silicone is completely waterproof. Silicone caulking is perfect for virtually any caulking needs. From indoors to outdoors and even around water. One of the only limitations to Color Sil is that it cannot be use in a submerged area. Silicone Caulking is highly flexible making it great for movable joints or areas that are prone to shifting. Silicone Caulk beads can flex about 5x more than standard Latex Caulk. Silicone caulk can leave a residue that makes painting over it difficult. But as long as you are cleaning your beads after applying, there shouldn’t be an issue.

On the subject of painting, we also offer the option to ColorMatch any of these three type of caulking to meet your exact color needs. This removes the need to paint your caulking which can save you lots of time and expense. To start the ColorMatch process, send in a sample of the color you’d like your caulking to be identical to. We process the color and either match it to one of our many existing colors or make a custom batch of caulking just for you! Color matching can involve fees that differ depending on the type of caulk and just how custom the color is. We offer a very wide ranging variety of in stock colors as well that are available for purchase at any time.

Hopefully I was able to answer some of your questions about which caulking would work best on your project.

Still need help? Give us a call! 866-258-1554

Our associates are standing by to help you with anything you need!

-The team

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SteelCrest Custom Metal Inserts!

Whether you’re trying to spruce up your in-home decor, revitalize your old cabinets or add value to your already beautiful home, SteelCrest Custom Metal Inserts will do the job! With complete customize-ability, SteelCrest Custom Metal Inserts are one of the most versatile home decor implements.

Insert Image

You can put them virtually anywhere from your cabinet windows to glass doors or hanging anywhere in your home as an ornate accent piece tailored specifically to fit your taste. Placement isn’t an issue. With SteelCrest, you’re only limited by your imagination. Custom Metal Inserts are available in 29 different designs, all beautifully unique and 15 different color finishes each more elegant than the last.


SteelCrest can also make their Custom Metal Inserts in virtually any design of your choosing. Even designs you’ve created yourself!

As far as size is concerned… Don’t be! SteelCrest builds their custom metal inserts to fit your precise specifications. No idea is too small or too grand. SteelCrest prices their Custom Metal Inserts with you in mind. With three separate pricing tiers, there’s always something for everyone!

image description

Follow the link below to view all of the different design and finish options available for SteelCrest Custom Metal Inserts. To calculate your price, multiply the overall dimensions by each other then multiply that by the price listed in that tier to get the total cost.

Visit our website for more information!

As always please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We’d love to speak with you and help you with any questions you have about SteelCrest, their Custom Metal Inserts and MORE!

Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST

Call Today! 866-258-1554

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Looking For a Custom Metal Air Grill?

Are you struggling to find a metal air grill of a specific size? Are standard grill sizes simply not working for you? Maybe you’re looking for something decorative that speaks to your specific taste. It sounds like you may need a custom made grill.

The most common reason for needing a custom grill is due to unusual duct hole dimensions. Over the last few decades, the HVAC industry has become largely standardized in regards to grill sizes. This can make finding the correct air grill easy…as long as your duct holes were installed based on the standard sizes. The problem is that most homes were built over 50+ years ago, before vent sizes became standard. As such, many of them have air duct holes that are entirely unique making it difficult to find vents and registers to fit them.

Fortunately for you, there are options. Custom air grills can be made in any size. Not only that, but SteelCrest Custom Metal Grills can be made in a wide variety of designs and finishes, so there is always something to fit your home’s unique style. Our custom manufacturer, SteelCrest, is one of the best in the country for style, durability and customizability.

Style, Durability, Customizability

SteelCrest can customize anything. Whether your duct hole is in the floor, ceiling, wall or baseboard, SteelCrest has the solution for your custom air grill needs.

Get Started On Your Custom SteelCrest Air Grill Here!

Another common reason for going the custom route with your air grills is the added security of a high quality build. A SteelCrest Custom Metal Grill is going to be incredibly strong and durable. They also have the option to choose a thicker material if your grill placement is in a high traffic area. Thicker material is only required for use on floor grills. There are some sizes that require the thicker material. The larger the grill, the stronger it needs to be to hold up the weight of the traffic that runs over top of it. When you use a thicker material, often times it can become a tripping hazard. Most customers who choose the thicker material also request beveled edging. Beveled edging is used to smooth down the edges of the grill, making it safe for heavy foot traffic.


One of the best parts about SteelCrest is that they can make nearly any grill or register in any size, style, finish, thickness, etc. They are the top tier of custom steel air grills. Not only can they customize your grill to suit your exact needs but they also offer various attachments and accessories from mesh backing to concealment louvers that you can select to get the most out of you SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grill. 

Click Here to view SteelCrest Custom Metal Grill Accessories!

Deciding what kind of SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grill you need isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, come up with the measurements for the hole you’d like to place the grill in. Be precise. Decide if you want a grill or a register (registers control air flow, grills do not). Any grill can be made into a register as long as the dimensions are whole numbers (i.e. a 12″ x 6″ grill could be made into a register but a 12.5″ x 6.5″ grill could not). Then you choose your favorite design and finish. Some designs aren’t suitable for use in the floor due to lack of surface area. Finish samples can be sent to you on request to help you choose the perfect color. You can also request to have screw holes drilled into the sides of the grill for mounting purposes. Screw holes aren’t necessary for floor grills. All other grill placements require screws. 

SteelCrest Sample Finish Chain Set Available Here!

The outside dimensions can also be customized to be as large or as small as you prefer. Maybe there are imperfections in the wall, floor or ceiling next to your air duct that you would like to cover. By extending the outside dimensions, you can cover a larger area while the grill still fits perfectly in your duct hole. 

Ordering your SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grill is easy. Just call us today, and our helpful team will make sure that all of the details are accounted for. We will walk you through the whole process from selecting the right custom options for you to putting together your Custom SteelCrest Quote. Once we’ve received payment and you have approved your quote, your order gets sent to the manufacturer to be built custom for you. It can take up to 6-8 weeks for custom orders to be finished and shipped out. Due to the nature of custom items, once an order is placed it can not be returned. This is why our team stresses the importance of making sure your measurements are spot on. 

Still have Questions? Call Us! (866) 258-1554 

Office hours are Weekdays, 8AM-5PM CST

Our friendly team of associates is standing by now to help you complete your home with our SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grills. 

Thank you,

The Installer Store Team

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wod florKeeping your wood floors clean can be a hassle, especially during the winter and colder months. Between the cold, moisture, salt and boots, there is a million ways your floors can be damaged during the winter. Below is a list our team has come up with to make sure that you have some real options when it comes to combating the harshness of winter and keeping your wood floors looking great year round.

#1 Use Mats in Entryways

Welcome Mats are a great way to save your wood floors from a lot of the wear and tear that can come from the outside elements. Sand, dirt, salt and small rocks that get caught in footwear account for a large percentage of scuffs and scratches that can occur on your wood floors. Placing a Welcome Mat at all entryways will drastically reduce the amount of outside elements that find their way onto your well kept floors. In order to keep your mats working properly for you throughout the year, it’s important to keep them clean. All it takes to do so is to make sure you shake them out every so often as needed to keep buildup from occurring.

View our selection of 100% Cotton Welcome Mats here.

#2 Wipe Up Spills, Puddles and Moisture Immediately

Welcome Mats don’t catch 100% of moisture that makes its way onto your floors. It’s important to wipe up all spills, puddles and moisture right away to keep them from settling into your wood floors and causing stains and other damage. Even sealed and finished floors can fall prey to damage from water or other spilled liquid if left unattended. Keep an eye out for moisture buildup on your floors, especially when people enter the house. Keep a towel or Sh-Mop Terry Cloth near by so you can wipe up any pesky spills or tracked in puddles as they happen.

View our Sh-Mop and Terry Cloth selection here.

#3 Avoid Using Salt in High Traffic Areas

Salt is a necessary part of keeping roads and driveways snow and ice free during the winter. But it also does a number on your wood floors as well as other surfaces. Try to avoid putting salt in high traffic areas such as porches and patios. These areas are where most of the salt that gets tracked into your home comes from. Footwear traps tiny salt particles and deposits them on floor mats, boot trays and even floorboards. Salt will slowly eat away at your floor finish, leaving stains and irreparable damage. Try using alternative means to keep your patios and porches from icing over such as sand or fertilizer. Bear in mind that these alternatives can also have negative affects on your floors but tend to be less harsh than salt on average. You could look into heaters and in-ground ice melting systems. There are also cleaners available to combat the salt scum buildup that occurs on wood floors.

#4 Apply Felt Pads To Your Furniture

Felt furniture pads are a fantastic resource for helping to keep your wood floors clean and scratch-free year round. They come in many different varieties to ensure that there is always an option to suit your specific needs. Not only will felt furniture pads prevent scratching and gouging on your floors’ but they also make it easier to move that heavy furniture without having to lift it. Felt furniture pads are readily available and can be shipped out to anywhere in the Continental US at a moments notice. Get yours today and start protecting your floors now.

View our Felt Furniture Pad selection here.

#5 Proper Cleaning Supplies Are Crucial

Although cleaning your wood floors is crucial year round, you’ll find that the colder the months get, the more work is involved to keep your wood floors looking healthy and vibrant. Finding the right cleaner for your floors is important and there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. Just as important as the cleaner itself is the mop. Microfiber mops and mops that catch tiny particles work best in every situation. Sh-Mops with Terry Cloth pads are highly recommended for most applications because they are cost effective and will give you the most even clean.

View our Wood Floor Cleaner selection here.

ALL CLEANERS 10% OFF through the end of October when you use offer code LEAVES18 at checkout!

Still Have Questions? Our team is available Weekdays/8am – 5pm CST to answer all of your questions and help you navigate the large world of floor cleaning resources. Simply call us at 1-866-258-1554 or email and we’ll help you on your way to beautiful wood floors during the winter and year round.

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Wall Clips Instructional Photos + Video

Take a look at some example pictures and a step by step instructional video of how the wall clips are applied to our Victorian, Contemporary or Rockwell Registers! The purpose of wall clips is to turn your floor register into a wall register in just a few easy steps. This will allow you to be able to get those beautiful designs and finishes all over your home instead of limiting them to just your floors.


Below are also picture examples with text to show you how the process is done step by step.


Screwdriver In Screw2.jpg

Screw Out2.jpg

Wall Clip On2.jpg

Wall Clip and Screw2.jpg


These wall clips are only able to be used on the Victorian, Contemporary and Rockwell design floor registers. Each design has a choice between 6 different finishes!

Go to our website or give us a call today!

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Installerstore Site Improvements is in the process of making some improvements to our site. If you try to visit, you may see this image… Our apologies! As soon as the updates are made, our site will be back up! If you have any questions on our products, existing orders, or would like to place an order, our staff is available at 866.258.1554. Thank you!StoreClosed


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Installerstore Coupon Code Event

Our hilarious welcome mats make a GREAT holiday gift!



Use the coupon code Snow16 to save 5% on ALL mats in our Funny Door Mats category now through December!

How to Save 5% on these holiday gifts:

  1. Browse our full line of Funny Door Mats
  2. Add the mat(s) to your cart
  3. Submit the coupon code Snow16 in your cart
  4. Instantly save 5% on all funny door mats in your cart

 Coupon Valid on ALL Mats in our Funny Door Mat category
click on the image below to browse that category of welcome mats

generalhumor petthemed beerwine SportsLeisure.gif

Holiday Welcome Mat Coupon Code Rules:

  • Coupon code only valid now through December 31, 2016
  • Discount will only be applied to mats in our Funny Door Mats category including subcategories: Pet Themed welcome mats, Beer & Wine door mats, Sports & Leisure door mats and General Humor welcome mats
  • All other non-qualifying products in your card will no be discounted
  • No other coupon codes can be used in conjunction with this coupon code
  • Coupon code valid on only
  • More info on this sale found HERE


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Veterans Day 2016


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Get Rid of Hockey Equipment Stink!


The sport of hockey was recently rated as one of the stinkiest sports. To any hockey parent, this should come as no surprise. I was once backstage at a concert, and the facility used to be home to a college hockey team (10 years prior). Those poor locker rooms still smelled as if the hockey players were present for a period intermission.

Being a more expensive sport with all of the pads and gloves needed, purchasing new equipment each year is not an option. The other alternative of driving to and from long road games with your head out of the window in the dead of winter like Ace Ventura, is also not feasible. But Installerstore has a more economical (and safe) option to rid your hockey pads from the stank.

Check out the GREAT line of Deodorizer products offered on Products so powerful, yet safe, that they are used in hospitals and schools. They will eliminate even the most offensive odors and will even kill fungus and bacteria.

host Skunk.png livemicro
Get rid of the smell with Host Brand Odor Exploder! Strong and safe enough for hospitals, hotels and homes. Deodorizes not only upholstery and fabric, but carpet, wood, etc. This product is effective enough to remove stinky smells, but is also safe to use around children and pets. If Skunk-X by Tech can remove skunk smell, it can remove hockey pad stink! This odor remover doesn’t mask odors, it gets rid of them. Skunk-X is made with selectively-adapted organic salts, specially created surfactants and natural sassafras. Instant odor removing! This Total Solutions Live Micro 535 is an enzyme odor remover has a formula that actual “digests” waste and odor. This natural odor remover contains no chemicals and is an organic enzyme odor remover.
With any new product, always test the product in a small inconspicuous area to ensure desired results.
View our FULL line of Deodorizers on our site

With hockey season to begin soon, DON’T DELAY! Remove that hockey stank before it becomes worse this upcoming season.


To view the full list of stinky sports, visit this blog link.


Because of the popularity of this blog post, we are offering 5% off all odor removing products in the “Deodorizer Category” on

Save 5%. NO COUPON CODE NEEDED! The 5% discount will automatically apply during checkout.  No other discount or coupon code can be applied to the Deodorizer products.  The 5% discount can only be applied to products in the Deodorizer Category on HURRY!! Promotional discount only valid during the  month of September. 

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