Your Winter Checklist – Holiday Roundup

Whether you are excited for winter or not, it definitely helps to be prepared! Check out these past blog posts from #wayback! Holiday shipping, proper winterization and home maintenance are just a few of the challenges we cover. Hopefully, these tips can make your holiday season a little less stressful and leave you filled with joy and laughter! 🙂

Winter Season & Holiday Shipping

Don’t forget to consider winter weather and holiday shipping delays. This year Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Saturday but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some setbacks. Get your orders placed today!

How to Properly Winterize Your Home

Block leaks inside and out to keep your home cozy and warm this winter. Investing in quality caulk and checking your air ducts may significantly reduce your energy costs!

Cleaning Up The Winter Blues

With everything you may be tracking in this winter, make sure you are fully stocked on carpet cleaners, kits and stain removers. It may also be a good time to invest in a quality entry mat!

The Holiday Season Gift Guide

Need a holiday gift that is funny and functional? Look no further! We have hilarious welcome mats for everyone. Perfect for your neighbor, friends and family!

If you have any questions, please contact us 866-258-1554. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST. Don’t let the winter weather get you down. Be prepared with our help!

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