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New Product! Toe Kick Registers – 6/3/13

Just added to Installerstore! – Brown Toe Kick Registers

Installerstore Golden-Sand-Toe-Kick-Register-Large

GREAT new product just added to Installerstore.com! All steel construction toe kick register with a damper to control airflow. These hard-to-find registers come in 3 standard toe kick sizes and the easily matched color of golden sand (light brown).

These toe kick air vents are ideal for under your kitchen cabinets or in smaller spaces. The registers are practical and affordable for any home. The single plate damper allows you to open or close off the airflow. The toe kick registers are made in the USA and have 1/3″ fin spacing (open holes in between the grilles).

             Sizes Available:

  • 10×3*
  • 12×3*
  • 14×3*
*Remember when ordering the toe kick registers to measure the hole/opening in the wall and not the faceplate of your existing register

Click HERE to purchase this item on our site or give us a call at 866.258.1554 to place your order today!

LineInstallerstore – NEW sizes available in Craftsman/Mission Floor Register – 3/18/13

NEW 2×12 and 8×10 sizes in Craftsman Style Floor Registers!

Now you can purchase any finish in the Craftsman/Mission style floor register in the sizes 2×12 and 8×10! This gives you a total of 8 size choices in this popular design. Find the 2×12 floor register and 8×10 floor register in ALL finishes available in the Craftsman Style!

 Antique Brass Floor Register 2x12 8x10 Copper Floor Register 2x12 8x10 Mission Black finish Floor Registers
Antique Brass Craftsman Floor Registers in 2×12 and 8×10 sizes
Mission style floor register in Copper finish. 8×10 and 2×12 sizes shown.
Flat Black finish Mission floor registers in 2×12 and 8×10 sizes.
Mission Brushed Nickel floor register 2x12 8x10 Oil Rubbed Bronze Floor Register 8x10 2x12 Mission Polished Brass Floor Register
Find Nickel Floor Registers in 2×12 and 8×10 sizes, Mission style.
Craftsmen Style in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish for sizes 2×12 and 8×10
Polished Brass Mission Floor Register in 2×12 and 8×10
Click HERE to view all finishes available in the Craftsman/Mission Floor Register

Have an 8×10 wall register you need to purchase and you cant’ find ANYTHING decorative? No worries! The 8×10 craftsman floor register can easily be converted to an 8×10 wall register with the separate purchase of wall clips. The clips conveniently attached to the metal damper of the floor register with provided screws. You can then easily push register in the wall duct opening.

Wall Mounting Clips for Floor Registers  photo Wall-Clips-Sideview_zpsb8209a62.gif
Convert floor registers into wall registers with convenient wall clips.
Just attach wall clips with provided screws and the push register into duct opening.
Installerstore - Wall Clip Installation Instructions
The wall clips can easily convert the Victorian, Contemporary or Mission/Craftsman floor register into a wall register.

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New Product! Fusion Pro Premixed Grout – 2/5/13

New Product added to Installerstore.com – Fusion Pro Premixed Grout

Installerstore - Fusion Pro Premixed Grout Bucket
We’ve added a new grout choice for our customers: Fusion Pro Single Component Grout by Custom Building Products. This advanced acrylic plus silicone formulation provides superior color consistency and stain resistance. Unlike traditional cement grouts, there is no mixing needed to use this grout. Just pop the top of the bucket, and get to work! This acrylic silicone grout can be used for interior or exterior wall and floor surfaces. There is no worry about shrinking grout with this product, and Fusion Pro grout can be used on grout joints 1/16″ to 1/2″! Available in convenient 1 gallon pails, and any extra can easily be re-used in future applications by just re-sealing the bucket.

Choose from 21 popular standard colors:
Installerstore - Fusion Pro Grout Color Chart

Benefits of Fusion Pro Pre-Mixed Grout:

  • Unsurpassed stain resistance
  • Superior color uniformity
  • Chemical resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • No sealing required

Installerstore - Fusion Pro Grout Coverage Chart

This easy-to-used sanded grout can be used on counter-tops, tub surrounds, showers and high traffic areas. Fusion Pro Grout can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, but not in areas that will be completely submerged in water, such as pools and hot tubs. It is recommended that exterior applications must be protected from rain, snow and other wet conditions for at least 7 days. Do not use Fusion Pro in industrial applications or areas subjected to harsh or continuous chemicals. In areas exposed to high heat or high pressure cleaning equipment, you also do not want to use this grout.

Fusion Pro Installation Video:

Installation Tips:

  • Do not install when air or tile surfaces are above 90 degrees or below 50 degrees
  • Keep tile surface moist between spreading and cleaning
  • Use a rubber grout float to apply the grout to 20 sq. feet
  • Cleaning can begin immediately (starting at the initial spreading point)
  • Use a damp grout sponge in a light, circular motion to loosen excess grout and shape joints
  • For best results, once cleaning with a sponge has been completed, lightly drag a microfiber towel across tile surface for final removal of residue
  • If streaks or residue remain after grout skinned over, use Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean-Up to remove residue

The curing time of the Fusion Pro Premixed Grout will vary when exposed to lower temperatures and higher humidity. A general rule for this grout is 24 hours until light traffic, 3 days at 70 degrees and 50% relative humidity until it should be exposed to water. Covering Fusion Pro immediately after grouting will extend the cure time.

Be sure to purchase all of your grouting tools and accessories when you purchase the Fusion Pro Grout on Installerstore.com. Professional grade grouting tools including Foam Knee Pads, Rubber Grout Float, and Grouting Sponge. Your one “click” shop for everything you need for grout installation.

We carry other brands of pre-mixed grout.

LineNew Product! 3 Inch Bed Risers Slipstick – 10/22/12

Just Added! 3 Inch Slipstick Bed Risers available at Installerstore.com!

Need extra storage space in your Dorm? Have a bed with castor wheels that just won’t stay put? Slipstick Bed Risers can solve these issues, and more! These 3 inch bed risers holds up to 2,000 pounds or 500 pounds each riser. The foam insert molds can mold to all types of furniture legs, including rollers! The non-slip rubberized base keeps beds in place on all types of flooring, while adding height and valuable storage space to your bed. These heavy-duty Slipstick Bed Risers come in packs of 4, meaning you only need 1 pack for your 4 post bed!

Click the photo below to go directly to the product page, or visit this link: www.installerstore.com/slipstick-3-inch-bed-riser.html

View Installerstore’s full line of Slipstick brand quality furniture feet and floor protector products to protect your flooring investment!

Just Added Products 3×10 Wicker Floor Registers – 10/8/12

New finishes added for the 3×10Wicker Floor Registers. When traditionally you could only find the 3×10 size in the Polished Brass wicker style, you now can choose from the finishes Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Brass. Now match that hard to find floor register size to any decor!

Brushed Nickel Wicker Design
in 3×10 Size
Hard to find 3×10 size in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Antique Brass Wicker Style- Full size line including 3×10

Other great decorative floor registers in many sizes available at Installerstore.com.

Just Added TECH Brand Cleaners – Stain Removers– 09/19/12

Installerstore has recently added on to the Made in the USA TECH stain removal product line. We not only carry the popular multipurpose TECH stain remover that can be used on carpet, vinyl and clothing, but now also carry stain remover and cleaning products specifically for wood, tile, stainless steel and grout. Now you can properly tackle the ink stains on your carpet and grease stains on your countertops.

Have a smelly garbage can? Did a skunk make your yard his home, and now everything REEKS of him? Then you NEED the product TECH SKUNK-X which is an effective odor removal product. This product can also tackle odors caused by cigarettes, feces, urine, perspiration, lockers, garbage and MUCH more!

Below is a table of the new TECH product additions to our site. Click on the photo to go directly to the product page on Installerstore.

NEW TECH Stain Remover Line
Available at Installerstore.com
Cleaner & Polish

in one! Even can be used on stainless steel!
No Rinse formula makes this the BEST cleaner for wood laminate floors
Tech Tile & Vinyl Cleaner. Use on walls, floors and countertops!
THE odor removal product! Remove skunk, cigarette, urine, feces, garbage odors from carpet and more!
Made in the USA carpet cleaner spray. 100% biodegradable.
Non-toxic grout stain cleaner from TECH. No harsh fumes, so great to use in the shower!

We still carry the classic TECH stain removal products : Multipurpose TECH stain remover and the popular TECH red wine stain remover.

Classic TECH Stain Removal Products
Ink, Coffee, Grease and MORE Stain Removal
GREAT multipurpose
stain remover.
Can be used for stains on carpet,
upholstery, vinyl and clothing.
TECH red wine stain remover
for carpet, clothing and upholstery.
Convenient 2 oz spray size.

New Products Added – 07/18/12

Get ’em while they’re HOT!

This just in at Installerstore. New humorous welcome mats for pet lovers and anyone with a sense of humor (I really narrowed it down didn’t I?). These welcome mats make great housewarming gifts and birthday gifts. They also make great gifts to give yourself. We can even ship direct to your friend/relative/what not (*Continental US only).

Humorous Welcome Mats from Installerstore.com

New Product Added to Installerstore.com– 11/21/11

Clear Vinyl Runner for Hard Surface Floors

We have had many requests for a clear vinyl runner, but for hard surface floors instead of carpet. Traditionally clear floor runners are for carpet only, and contain small grippers on the backing, that hold it into place. This is great for someone who has a house full of carpet, but that runner cannot be used with hard surface floors such as hardwood, laminate, cement, and tile. Finally we have found a clear vinyl floor runner that is safe to use on hard surface flooring!


The clear vinyl floor runner for hard surface floors is sold by the foot, and is available in two widths- 36″ and 48″. You can purchase any length up to 60′. The clear vinyl runner has a diamond pattern, to help create a non-slip surface. This would work perfectly for basements or garages, kids play rooms, entryway of your home, and much more!

This clear vinyl floor runner for hard surface floors can be found HERE on our site. If you are also looking for the traditional carpet protection, this can also be purchased by the foot on our site.

New Products Added to Installerstore.com – 6/23/11

Pattern Cut Unfinished Wall Grills

Tired of standard non-decorative return air grilles? Pattern Cut Grills to the rescue! Installerstore is now carrying the laser cut decorative grills in 30 different sizes AND 26 different patterns/designs to choose from! The wide variety of designs makes matching the grilles to your decor a cinch. They are unfinished, which means you can even stain them to match to your liking.  If you want to paint the grilles instead of painting, make sure to purchase the maple veneer top, since this is the best option to hold paint.

Pattern Cut Grill Highlights:
– 1/4″ thick Baltic Birch Hardwood Ply
-Furniture grade veneer in maple, oak or cherry
-Not Made for the floor! Wall/Ceiling use only!
-Can be ordered with or without screw holes.
-Outside dimensions are 1.75″ larger than hole opening listed (all sizes listed are for actual opening/hole)
-Pattern cut grills are a non-returnable item.

Designs Available:
(First Design in top left is Pattern A, next to the right is B.. etc.)

 Pattern Cut Veneers Available:
**Remember- All Veneer Choices can be stained. Maple is the only one that can be painted!

Pattern Cut Sizes Available:
**Remember- sizes listed are for the actual opening/hole. Width (horizontal) is listed first then Height (vertical). Sizes in inches.  Custom Sizes are available please call 866-258-1554 for more information. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST.

Pattern cut grills are made to order, so they drop ship directly from the manufacturer. Allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

If you like the standard white steel return air grilles or filter grilles, we have those too!!

New Products Added to Installerstore.com – 5/12/11

We are always on the lookout for new and practical products to add to our site. Below is a short description of some of the new products just added. Click the image or links to view pricing and more information.

Find a full line of Funny Welcome Mats  for all types of people and senses of humor. We have added two new mats- Dorothy’s red shoes mat which makes an excellent gift for Wizard of Oz fans and a Fish themed mat which makes a great fishing gift for Dad (Hint Hint -Father’s Day is June 19).

Installerstore Humorous Welcome Mat

Caption-“There’s no place like home”

Installerstore Unique Fishing Gifts - Funny Door Mat

Caption-“To Fish or not to Fish? What a stupid question.”

Just added to our already full selection of floor protection– Kling Tite. What makes this multi-floor protection so special, is that it has no adhesive! This means no time limit on how long you can leave the surface protection film down. Kling Tite can be used on Vinyl, Marble, Plastic, Wood Floors, Metal, Solid Surface Tops, Formica, Ceramic Tile, Drywall, and Very Low Nap Carpet. Kling Tite can even be used as a window protective film. Available in two thicknesses 6Mil and 10Mil and two widths 24″ and 36″. All sizes come in 100ft roll sizes.

KlingTite Surface Protection Film

Tired of continuously purchasing filters for your Return Air Filter Grille? Have a non-standard size that is hard to find and expensive? We have just added a cut-to-fit, permanent air filter for return air filter grilles. There are four main base sizes, and you can cut from the width or height to fit your return air filter grille. For example, if you have a 20″ x 14″ Filter Grille (remember the 20″ x 14″ is the actual hole/opening size- width x height) you would purchase the 20″ x 20″ Permanent Filter. You can then cut 6″ from the height, to make it a 20″ x 14″ filter. The permanent filters can last for years because they are washable, and they hold more dust then regular filters! Check back soon for a how to video on how to cut the permanent filters!Permanent Air Filter

Sizes available- 20″ x 20″ 20″ x 25″ 30″ x 12″ 30″ x 24″

Cut To Fit Permanent Filter Grille - Washable

Check back for great new items added to Installerstore.com!

JUST LAUNCHED!! Colored-Caulk.com – 5/5/11

Colored-Caulk.com is a division of InstallerStore.com that specializes in sanded (rough) and un-sanded (smooth) caulking that matches popular grout lines such as:

Colored-Caulk.com is also proud to offer a great line of Dap Caulking and Sealants.

There is a full selection of need-to-have caulk tools to finish your DIY job. Purchase the Caulk Saver Tube Sealer and never waste a half-used tube of caulk again! There are many different selections of Caulk Removers as well, which will make removing the existing caulking a breeze!

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    with regards to Toe Kick Registers – it does the job and prevents from damp/moisture building up behind the kitchen units, especially when you have build-in dishwasher. it allows the air to circulate

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