People (And Pets) of IS

The People (and pets) of

We here at Installer Store/Rugrats Flooring pride ourselves on providing a very dog friendly office environment. Employee’s dogs stop by frequently to play, wrestle and bring a smile to our faces! If you hear a bark in the background, don’t be alarmed! It’s probably Minnie steeling a treat from Dipper! 

Below you will find owners names, pets names, photos and descriptions of all the animals that are apart of our work family!

Marie – Minnie & Miles

Minnie is a short haired, black chihuahua with a very bossy attitude! She commands the office when she’s in it and makes sure everyone knows she’s the boss (DOB: 4/29/2010). She has a love for cheese and any other food that falls on the floor. She has a ton of personality and everyone here is always happy to see her. 

Miles is Minnie’s little brother and the youngest of the Rugrats pack. He has super soft, long blonde hair and the cutest little face (DOB: 5/30/2018). Miles has lots of spunk and personality! He loves to play fetch, snuggle his mom and run away from staff members! He can be very shy at first but once he warms up to you he is a little sweetie. 


Megan – Archer

Archer is our most relaxed and frequent office dog. He is a pure bread English Yellow Lab (DOB: 12/28/2017). He loves to sleep, eat and look sad (even though he’s very happy). Him and his mom love to travel to their family cabin and go swimming! As much as Archer loves lunch meat and whip cream it pales in comparison to his hatred for getting his nails clipped and vacuums. 

Madison – Copper, Dax, Kiggy and Stanley

First up we have Copper. Copper is the oldest of his siblings coming in at (we think) 7 years old (DOB: ?/?/?)! He is a tan and white Rat Terrier mix. His favorite things to do is sleeping wrapped up in blankets, licking his parents, whining for toys and treats and begging for human food. He is a very vocal dog and is obsessed with tennis balls!

Dax is a 3 year old (DOB: 12/26/2016) Blue Heeler. He is his moms favorite and loves going on walks, swimming, running, playing fetch and traveling! He is the most active out of his siblings and has a ton of spirit. He is very protective of his parents and is a very picky eater! He loves any kind of meat but hates (almost) anything else. 

Next we have Kiggy (DOB: ?/?/2018). Kiggy is special because she was found as an abandoned kitten under someone’s porch. She, unfortunately, was without a mother very early on in her life and because of this is now a very tiny cat. She weighs a little under 5 pounds but she is fierce! Being the only girl (besides her mom) in the household she is definitely the princess and gets whatever she wants! 

Last but not least there is Stanley! Stanley and Kiggy look very alike but actually came from completely different liters. We met Stan at our local animal shelter and knew he had to be apart of our family (DOB: ?/?/2018). He is a long haired, black cat and weighs around 14lbs (WOW!). We believe he is just a month or two younger than Kiggy. Stan absolutely loves sleeping, eating, cleaning himself and cleaning his siblings. 


Chelsia – Shifu & Baxter Allen

Shifu is a long haired Ragdoll and has done his rounds in the cat modeling world (just kidding.. kind of). He loves meowing and grunting around the house and getting head rubs (DOB: 10/?/2011). His favorite place to sleep is burrowed under blankets and he likes to play with crumpled up paper. He doesn’t like it when his mom blows air in his face and he must have his food in the center of his bowl at all times or else! 

Baxter Allen is a short haired tabby who loves cat nip, grass and chickpeas (DOB: 7/?/2009). He loves to do classic cat activities such as sunbathing, cuddling and of course knocking over water glasses. Baxter loves playing with his mom’s shoes and pushing around chapstick. Like most of us, he hates hearing people cry and loud noises.


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