Imperial Cast Iron Vents – Heavy Duty Floor Registers

Decorative Floor Registers from Imperial have a 4mm thick cast iron faceplate and a steel damper for adjusting airflow. Open or close for maximum comfort throughout your home! The textured matte black finish gives every room a gorgeous, rustic look while perfectly complementing any type of flooring. Imperial Floor Vents also have beveled edging to ensure no tripping hazard and to provide a nice flow from faceplate to floor.

Cast Iron Floor Registers are a beautiful, durable alternative to standard metal or plastic floor registers. They are extremely heavy duty and sure to last. The classic touch will enhance any decor. Find them all for an affordable price at!

Arts & Crafts, Templar, Montezuma, Geneva and Wonderland Design Cast Iron Floor Registers

What more could you ask for? Place your order for Imperial Cast Iron Floor Registers today! Please contact us via email or call 866-258-1554, Monday-Friday 8-5 CST if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about our Floor Register options!

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