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New Product added to – Fusion Pro Premixed Grout

Installerstore - Fusion Pro Premixed Grout Bucket
We’ve added a new grout choice for our customers: Fusion Pro Single Component Grout by Custom Building Products. This advanced acrylic plus silicone formulation provides superior color consistency and stain resistance. Unlike traditional cement grouts, there is no mixing needed to use this grout. Just pop the top of the bucket, and get to work! This acrylic silicone grout can be used for interior or exterior wall and floor surfaces. There is no worry about shrinking grout with this product, and Fusion Pro grout can be used on grout joints 1/16″ to 1/2″! Available in convenient 1 gallon pails, and any extra can easily be re-used in future applications by just re-sealing the bucket.

Choose from 21 popular standard colors:
Installerstore - Fusion Pro Grout Color Chart

Benefits of Fusion Pro Pre-Mixed Grout:

  • Unsurpassed stain resistance
  • Superior color uniformity
  • Chemical resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • No sealing required

Installerstore - Fusion Pro Grout Coverage Chart

This easy-to-used sanded grout can be used on counter-tops, tub surrounds, showers and high traffic areas. Fusion Pro Grout can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, but not in areas that will be completely submerged in water, such as pools and hot tubs. It is recommended that exterior applications must be protected from rain, snow and other wet conditions for at least 7 days. Do not use Fusion Pro in industrial applications or areas subjected to harsh or continuous chemicals. In areas exposed to high heat or high pressure cleaning equipment, you also do not want to use this grout.

Fusion Pro Installation Video:

Installation Tips:

  • Do not install when air or tile surfaces are above 90 degrees or below 50 degrees
  • Keep tile surface moist between spreading and cleaning
  • Use a rubber grout float to apply the grout to 20 sq. feet
  • Cleaning can begin immediately (starting at the initial spreading point)
  • Use a damp grout sponge in a light, circular motion to loosen excess grout and shape joints
  • For best results, once cleaning with a sponge has been completed, lightly drag a microfiber towel across tile surface for final removal of residue
  • If streaks or residue remain after grout skinned over, use Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean-Up to remove residue

The curing time of the Fusion Pro Premixed Grout will vary when exposed to lower temperatures and higher humidity. A general rule for this grout is 24 hours until light traffic, 3 days at 70 degrees and 50% relative humidity until it should be exposed to water. Covering Fusion Pro immediately after grouting will extend the cure time.

Be sure to purchase all of your grouting tools and accessories when you purchase the Fusion Pro Grout on Professional grade grouting tools including Foam Knee Pads, Rubber Grout Float, and Grouting Sponge. Your one “click” shop for everything you need for grout installation.

We carry other brands of pre-mixed grout so check it out today!

Video with MORE information on this easy-to-use grout:

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