– Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Re-post)

Father's Day is June 17 2012

Here at Installerstore, we have a wide selection of Do-it-Youself Products and Humorous Door Mats that work as a perfect gift for any dad or grandfather. Some welcome mats are even themed such as our golf and fishing mats.

Most humorous door mats are in stock, and take about 1-2 business days to ship out. Express shipping is also available for those to wait till the last-minute! Call for more information 866-258-1554.

Click on any of the following mats to view them on our website:

Caption- “I Golf. Therefore I Am Not Here”

Caption- “To Fish, or not to Fish? What a stupid Question.”

Caption- “Got Beer?”

Caption- “Go Away!”

Visit us at to view our full line of registers, caulking, cleaners, and much much more!

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2 Responses to – Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Re-post)

  1. Riley M says:

    I love the “To Fish or Not to Fish” mat. That would be perfect for my dad since he loves fishing and camping. I mean, I bought a Tailgater from Dish for him last year for Father’s Day, and he has gone on more camping trips this year than ever before. It’s actually quite funny, because he will sit near the edge of a lake and wait for the big catch, while watching the Outdoor Channel with the Tailgater. I took a little mini vacation from my job at Dish and went camping with him, and though he didn’t catch the mega fish that he wanted, we had a great time watching sports all weekend. I really want to get this mat for my dad! I can’t wait to see the laugh he’ll get.

  2. Riley, I really enjoy fising as well! It’s great you get to spend quality time with you dad doing something you both love! 🙂

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