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Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Ideas

Recently published a blog about easy home improvement ideas entitled “Five ugly home flaws that you can easily fix.”  This great article included do it yourself home improvement ideas to look for when viewing a house your are interested in purchasing. These easy home fixes can also be carried over to your own home for inexpensive updates. also has some great do-it-yourself products that are easy and inexpensive. Below are some excerpts from the article and some ideas we at Installerstore have as well.

Frightening flooring. Carpeting that’s seen better days doesn’t have to trip you up, especially if the floor or subfloor is in good condition. Before settling on new flooring, spend a few dollars on two or three samples. That way you won’t wind up with flooring that looks great in a catalog or on a website but awful in your home…”

If you pull up the carpet and find hardwood that just needs a little TLC or have other hardwood/laminate floors that need repair, we have great hardwood and laminate repair products, including the brand Trade Secret. There are many different wood and laminate repair kits to choose from, and each one is easy to use and inexpensive. We even carry a product to fix the scratches and gouges in wood and leather furniture.

Trade Secret Scratch Remover

Kitschy kitchen. If the layout of the kitchen works for you, many other upgrades can be done on a shoestring. You can paint the cabinets, replace the hardware or install a new facet. And if it’s the appliances that need updating, you can find many top performers…that are affordable too…”
If the kitchen ceramic tiles are loose, don’t worry about replacing the entire flooring. Try fixing the loose tiles with Colorfast Brand Loose Tile Repair. This product comes in a 10.3 ounce tube (like a caulking tube) and the only tools you need is a standard caulk gun, 1/8″ masonry drill bit and rubber mallet (it helps to have a shop vac to clean up too). This easy home fix is inexpensive and can be done on a rainy sunday afternoon. Is the tile ok but the grout unsightly with stains? Purchase grout colorant pens to  easily re-color grout and prevent future mold.  The solution contains both pigment and an anti-microbial sealant to prevent mold and mildew staining. There are 20 colors to choose from, and each pen is less than $10.

Grout Colorant Marker Photo

Colors Available in the Grout Aid Markers

The article “Five ugly home flaws that you can easily fix” is a great read for those looking to purchase a new home or easy do-it-yourself home improvement ideas. Visit this link to read the article in its entirety.

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