Beautify Your Home and Save! 10% Off Zoroufy Products during April! Installerstore Coupon Code

Installerstore Blog Coupon Code***The 10% off sale has ended, but you can still call for special pricing on all Zoroufy Stair Rods and Wall Hangers!!***

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Save 10% on all Zoroufy Products with Order must be placed by phone. M-F 8am-5pm CSTZoroufy is a wonderful manufacturer of decorative stair rods, wall rug hangers, cast solid floor registers and wood baseboard registers. During the month of April, is the “Featured Online Retailer of the Month” for Zoroufy. To celebrate, we are offering 10% off ALL Zoroufy products on our site! Just call our toll-free number 866-258-1554 and place your order with one of our wonderful sales associates. Mention the installerstore coupon code of zor10deal and we’ll take 10% off all Zoroufy products!!

What is a Stair Rod? How Do I Go About Ordering One?

A “stair rod also commonly referred to as a carpet rod, is an ornamental decorative hardware item used with carpet runners (also known as [ stair runners]) on steps” (thank you Wikipedia). Stair Rods are for decorative use only, which means you’ll need to properly secure/install the carpet runner first. The first thing to think of when in the process of choosing a stair rod, is to know what length of rod you need. Measure the width of your carpet runner. Your stair rod must be at least 1.5″ longer than the width of your stair runner. For example, if your runner is 32″, you would need to order a stair rod that is 33.5″ long. Don’t be concerned if you don’t see that exact length listed, we can custom cut any stair rod for FREE (they will become non-returnable however).

Zoroufy has many different collections of stair rods to match any home decor. There are multiple styles, finishes, finial choices, rod diameter, rod style and lengths to choose from. All finishes will have a protective lacquer coating to resist tarnishing. Stair Rods are sold in sets. Each set has (1) rod, (2) brackets and (2) finials. All pieces will have matching finishes. Finials are decorative pieces that are screwed directly into the brackets. This gives the stair rod a more decorative, less industrial look. The overall length of the finial depends on the type, ie pineapple, round etc.



Prices of stair rods vary from collection to collection. Zoroufy Grand Regency stair rods are  more expensive than say the Select Stair Rods because of the decorative brackets and larger rod diameter. It may be daunting to view all the collections at once, so below is a chart of the different collections Zoroufy offers, and what each has to offer.

Think you’ve found your dream stair rods? Click the photo of your favorite collection below, to view them on our site. Don’t forget to call your order in with the Installerstore Coupon Code to receive 10% Off!!!




Looking for a Tapestry/Rug Hanger as well as stair rods? Or how about heavy cast decorative floor registers? The Zoroufy quality carries over into these products as well. Revamp your house – save 10% in the process.


Check back for more informative blogs this month on Zoroufy’s products.

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