Squeaky Floors Got You Down?

Squeaky floors can be an annoyance to everyone in a household. I grew up in a very old home, and it was impossible to sneak in past curfew. It didn’t matter if I tiptoed on the carpeted hallway or the upstairs hardwood floors. If I only knew about the squeeek no more products back then!

To use these products, you don’t need advanced knowledge in carpentry or flooring, you just need to know how to use a power drill. Easy enough right? These products work on hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and carpet floors and stairways. There is a main Sqeeek No More Kit that is used on top of the flooring and a Squeak Ender II which eliminates squeaks caused when the subfloor becomes separated from the joist.

The traditional Squeeek No More Kit requires the use of a power drill, but comes with everything else needed to stop your squeaky floors. Each kit includes a driver bit, joist finder, alignment and depth control fixture and 50 specially scored waxed screws. Below are the instructions for the main Squeek No More Kit (which can be used on carpet, vinyl/linoleum and stairs) to show you how simply the product line is to use.

Step 1: Located the floor joist, using the Joist finding screw provided. Then, push the Alignment and Depth Control Fixture firmly into the carpet.

Step 2: Place your weight around the fixture, and drive the scored screw down as far as the fixture will allow it to go.

Step 3: Place the screw gripper, on the alignment fixture over the screw head, then rock the fixture left to right snapping the head off. The screw breaks at the weak spot that is consistently just below the surface of the floor.

*the screw stops the movement and squeaks with no damage to the carpet

For use with mainly hardwood floors, try also purchasing the Hardwood Floor Adapter.  This works great for hardwood floor areas where you cannot access floor joists or if you have engineered floor joists.

Think of this blog as a “sign” to fix those pesky squeaky floors. Or if you are a over-protective father who wants to ensure his daughter is home for curfew (like mine), leave the squeaks be. We do not sell squeak enhancer products :).

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