Grout Savers! Make your grout look brand spank’n NEW!

After you put the time and money into tiling your kitchen or bath, the last thing you want to worry about are stains on the grout lines. Simple stains such as Kool-Aid or cherry juice, can seep into the grout giving you smurf blue and pink grout. There are home remedies you can try first before shelling out money for cleaners. There are also some things you absolutely do not want to try, like mixing household chemicals together, which can have a very dangerous outcome. Below are tips and products you can use to try to remove stains for grout as well as brighten or change the color of your dingy grout. As with any situation, make sure you try any of the following advice in a small inconspicuous area first to ensure you will approve of the results.

The first home remedy that people normally think of to remove stains is Chlorine Bleach. This is a powerful oxidizer that can remove stains from grout, but it can also remove color of your tile and damage rugs or any type of fabrics that accidentally touch the bleached surfaces. Bleach can also produce irritant fumes, which makes it a not-so-good option for households with children and pets. Vinegar works great as a natural floor cleaner, but is not effective on grout stains. Hydrogen peroxide proves to be the best home remedy grout cleaner, but can be a hit or miss cleaning option. To remove stains from grout lines with Hydrogen Peroxide,  soak a q-tip with the peroxide and trace the lines where the stains are located. Cleaning large areas of grout with the q-tip is not the most effective option . For larger jobs, you may want to consider purchasing any one of the grout cleaners below and using them in conjunction with a grout brush.

Grout Cleaners:
Aqua Mix is definitely a leading manufacturer in cleaning products. They offer a product that is specifically made for Deep Cleaning of Grout Joints.  The Grout Deep Clean Spray works great for removing unwanted grease, food stains, hard water deposits, soap scum and other tough stains from your grout. It can be used on sanded and unsanded grout, tile and stone. DO NOT Use this product over grout colorants (a product you can use to change the color of your grout). It will change or remove the coloring. This product can be used with a grout brush.

Visit this link for a full list of our grout cleaners.

If you have tried cleaners and have not had luck with them, try using a Grout Stain Eraser. It is a 4″ x 2 1/2″ pad that can remove mildew, stains, calcium and rust while restoring the natural color of your grout.

Grout Colorant:
If you are at your wit’s end with your grout and want to switch to a restore the original color or change it completely, you are in luck. The easiest grout colorant tool is in a pen/marker form, which makes it really easy to apply. The grout colorant marker is non-toxic, water-resistant, fast-drying and provides and anti-microbial sealant to prevent mold and mildew staining. There are over 20 colors available, so you have a wide range of choices available. If you have a darker colored grout and you are trying to make it lighter, you may need to put a couple of layers of the colorant on.

Whether you want to remove stains or change the color of your grout, have no fear, there are plenty of products out there to help!

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