Where in the Heck do I find Decorative Wall Registers?

Finding the 8th Wonder of the World…. Decorative Wall Registers

When it comes to finding decorative metal wall registers, you’ll usually come up empty-handed. Most wall registers will be white metal or plastic, and wood (in very select sizes).  The good news is there are some styles of decorative metal floor registers that can be used for wall registers. If you have an opening (hole) size that is listed below, you are in luck and can use the decorative floor registers in the wall. If you do not see your size listed, I am sorry but you are back to the white steel register or custom-made grilles. *Make sure you are measuring the actual hole in the wall (duct opening) and not the register cover itself!

Decorative Floor Registers can be used as Wall Registers in  the following opening sizes:

The following floor register designs are available for wall use…….

                   ***The Mission style register is not available in sizes 2×10, 2×12 or 2×14

 The following finishes are available for the designs listed above……
Different sizes from each line of decorative registers require the use of wall clips (purchased separately) or include knock-out screw holes and matching screws for installation into the wall duct work. The Contemporary and Victorian style registers in size 6×10-6×12-6×14 have knock out screw holes on the front faceplate which allows for easy installation into the walls (matching plated screws included). The remaining sizes (2×10-4×14) require the use of the wall clips. All sizes of registers in the  Mission (Craftsmen) style require the use of wall mounting clips. Below is a chart to better understand which registers require wall clips for wall installation and which do not.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief for stumbling upon decorative registers for your wall. Below are links to where you can find these registers on our site. Make sure to check back to this blog for instructions on how to attach the wall clips for register installation and how to use the knock out screw holes in the Contemporary and Victorian lines.

Victorian Registers
Contemporary Registers
Mission Registers

**Convex Contemporary and Zoroufy brand registers cannot be used with the wall clips.

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