Looking For a Custom Metal Air Grill?

Are you struggling to find a metal air grill of a specific size? Are standard grill sizes simply not working for you? Maybe you’re looking for something decorative that speaks to your specific taste. It sounds like you may need a custom made grill.

The most common reason for needing a custom grill is due to unusual duct hole dimensions. Over the last few decades, the HVAC industry has become largely standardized in regards to grill sizes. This can make finding the correct air grill easy…as long as your duct holes were installed based on the standard sizes. The problem is that most homes were built over 50+ years ago, before vent sizes became standard. As such, many of them have air duct holes that are entirely unique making it difficult to find vents and registers to fit them.

Fortunately for you, there are options. Custom air grills can be made in any size. Not only that, but SteelCrest Custom Metal Grills can be made in a wide variety of designs and finishes, so there is always something to fit your home’s unique style. Our custom manufacturer, SteelCrest, is one of the best in the country for style, durability and customizability.

Style, Durability, Customizability

SteelCrest can customize anything. Whether your duct hole is in the floor, ceiling, wall or baseboard, SteelCrest has the solution for your custom air grill needs.

Get Started On Your Custom SteelCrest Air Grill Here!

Another common reason for going the custom route with your air grills is the added security of a high quality build. A SteelCrest Custom Metal Grill is going to be incredibly strong and durable. They also have the option to choose a thicker material if your grill placement is in a high traffic area. Thicker material is only required for use on floor grills. There are some sizes that require the thicker material. The larger the grill, the stronger it needs to be to hold up the weight of the traffic that runs over top of it. When you use a thicker material, often times it can become a tripping hazard. Most customers who choose the thicker material also request beveled edging. Beveled edging is used to smooth down the edges of the grill, making it safe for heavy foot traffic.


One of the best parts about SteelCrest is that they can make nearly any grill or register in any size, style, finish, thickness, etc. They are the top tier of custom steel air grills. Not only can they customize your grill to suit your exact needs but they also offer various attachments and accessories from mesh backing to concealment louvers that you can select to get the most out of you SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grill. 

Click Here to view SteelCrest Custom Metal Grill Accessories!

Deciding what kind of SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grill you need isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, come up with the measurements for the hole you’d like to place the grill in. Be precise. Decide if you want a grill or a register (registers control air flow, grills do not). Any grill can be made into a register as long as the dimensions are whole numbers (i.e. a 12″ x 6″ grill could be made into a register but a 12.5″ x 6.5″ grill could not). Then you choose your favorite design and finish. Some designs aren’t suitable for use in the floor due to lack of surface area. Finish samples can be sent to you on request to help you choose the perfect color. You can also request to have screw holes drilled into the sides of the grill for mounting purposes. Screw holes aren’t necessary for floor grills. All other grill placements require screws. 

SteelCrest Sample Finish Chain Set Available Here!

The outside dimensions can also be customized to be as large or as small as you prefer. Maybe there are imperfections in the wall, floor or ceiling next to your air duct that you would like to cover. By extending the outside dimensions, you can cover a larger area while the grill still fits perfectly in your duct hole. 

Ordering your SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grill is easy. Just call us today, and our helpful team will make sure that all of the details are accounted for. We will walk you through the whole process from selecting the right custom options for you to putting together your Custom SteelCrest Quote. Once we’ve received payment and you have approved your quote, your order gets sent to the manufacturer to be built custom for you. It can take up to 6-8 weeks for custom orders to be finished and shipped out. Due to the nature of custom items, once an order is placed it can not be returned. This is why our team stresses the importance of making sure your measurements are spot on. 

Still have Questions? Call Us! (866) 258-1554 

Office hours are Weekdays, 8AM-5PM CST

Our friendly team of associates is standing by now to help you complete your home with our SteelCrest Custom Metal Air Grills. 

Thank you,

The Installer Store Team

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