NEW Large Size Wall Vents – White Steel Sidewall/Ceiling Registers

JUST ADDED! Large Size Wall Vents

Find large and odd sized wall / ceiling registers at a GREAT price! The Shoemaker 850 white steel sidewall / ceiling registers have a 2-way deflection air pattern that efficiently distributes air throughout your room. You can use this large size vent for ceiling or sidewall applications. The large size wall vents have a classic, soft white finish.


There are 12 large wall vent sizes available (see list below). Make sure to measure the actual hole/opening size in the wall or ceiling and order off of this number. Overall faceplates will be 1 5/8″ larger than the opening size. For example, if your ceiling opening is 18″ x 6″, you’ll need to purchase the 18 x 6 Sidewall/Ceiling Register and the overall faceplate will measure 19 5/8″ x 7 5/8″.


Large Wall Vent Sizes Available:
16×6             16×8             18×6
18×8            10×10            12×12
14×10          14×12             14×14
20×6           20×10            24×6

Find this large wall vents HERE on our site.

We have many other more common sizes of registers. We also have select sizes available decorative patterns and wood. View our FULL selection of wall and ceiling vents.

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