Browse Floor Registers by Size – Easy-to-View Floor Vents

Browse Floor Vents by Size

Conveniently browse all available floor registers and floor returns in the exact size you need! No longer do you need to browse endless pages to find out the register you like isn’t available in the size you need. Simply click the size image or text of the size you need, and it will go directly to the floor register and grille styles available. Each link will go directly to available registers on our site

Please remember that you will need to measure the actual hole opening in your floor and not the existing register cover (faceplate) in order to browse for the correct register size. Need more help? Read our informative blog on How to Measure Floor Registers and Grilles.

2x10 floor register vents 2x12 Floor vent registers 2x14 floor vents 3 x 10 floor registers
2×10 Floor Vents
2×12 Floor Vents
2×14 Floor Vents
3×10 Floor Vents
4x8 floor vent register 4x10 floor registers 4x12 floor vents 4x14 Floor vent browse by size
4×8 Floor Vents
4×10 Floor Vents
4×12 Floor Vents
4×14 Floor Vents
6x10 floor vent size 6x12 floor register sizes available 6x14 floor vents available 8x10 floor registers available
6×10 Floor Vents 6×12 Floor Vents 6×14 Floor Vents 8×10 Floor Vents
8x12 Floor Registers and Returns Browse by Size 8x14 Floor Registers browse by size Browse all Large Floor Vent Sizes
8×12 Floor Vents
8×14 Floor Vents
Large and Odd Sized Floor Vents
Browse all Toe Space Returns and Registers Round Returns and Registers Browse all
Toe Kick Vents
(for sidewall/ceiling use only)
Round Sized Vents for Floor is you one-click shop for all your HVAC needs in your home! We carry a full line of floor vents, wall vents and baseboard vents and accessories. We even have custom size options available.

Looking for a decorative wall register? Check out an earlier blog we have published regarding affordable beautiful wall vents.

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