Installerstore – Halloween Horrors!!


Don’t let the vile, horrible creatures living in your shower cause you to scream! Deep clean your shower tile to rid them of cadavers of showers past (soapscum) and morbid mold!

Installerstore has a wide selection of cleaner and care items not only for your shower, but all surfaces in your home!

Mold in Your Shower Clipart

An infestation of mold and mildew in your shower can send anyone running for the bunkers. To celebrate Halloween and educate on how to remove mold in your shower, we’ll use the hit TV show Walking Dead….

Sheriff Rid Grimes – Destroy Mold & Mildew

Walking Dead Parody Cleaners
Destroy mold and mildew that has infected your shower tile and grout with Colorfast Tile & Grout Citrus Cleaner. It’s easy to remove mold in your shower with this all purpose cleaner.  Not only does this cleaner kill mold and midew, it can also remove light mineral or hard ware water deposits. Fill your favorite caliber spray bottle and blast that mold away!

Mi-Shine – Prevent Mold from Infiltrating

Walking Dead Parody Cleaning Mold

Now that you’ve destroyed the mold, you’ll want to prevent future mold in your shower. Aqua Shield Cleaner & Resealer slashes the growth of mold and mildew on stone, tile and grout. This one-step cleaner will penetrate and reseal grout, sealed stone, and tile.

Daryl Fixon – Remove Traces & Stains

Walking Dead Parody Cleaning

Lock Up all traces and stains on your bathroom grout with SKM Grout Pen. The colorant comes in an easy-to-use marker which covers up stains in your grout. Refresh the color of our tile grout or change it completely! This savior product comes in standard tip and wide tip.

Vanity Scare Clipart

Does just looking at your bathroom stone vanity give you a scare? Who ya gonna call…. INSTALLERSTORE! Our website is FULL of stain busters and restore products for your stone bathroom countertops.

Installerstore How To Clean Granite counters Installerstore -Cleaning Travertine Tile
This eco-friendly stone countertop cleaner can be used on marble, granite, tile AND MORE! Safely clean your bathroom countertops daily without worrying about the horrors of discoloration on your natural stone! Stone Savior Countertop Cleaner is safe to use around food-handling areas!
Bring your stone back from the dead with Aqua Mix Stone Clean and Shine! This stone cleaner spray shines stone to enhance the natural beauty of your stone! Use Aqua Mix Clean and Shine on sealed polished natural stone, including travertine tiles!
Installerstore - How to remove Water Spots on Stone
Exorcise water stains with Aqua Mix Poultice Stain Remover! This stone poultice cleaning powder is an effective stain remover for stone and tile surfaces in your bathroom and kitchens. The cleaning powder contains fine, non-acidic, absorptive clay which removes watermarks, deep-set oil and grease stains!

Installerstore Halloween

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