Bona and Other Hardwood Floor Care Featured in RealSimple Magazine

Bona Floor Cleaner & Other Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Featured in RealSimple Magazine – September 2013 Issue

Bona Hardwood Cleaner Featured in RealSimple Magazine

Another GREAT article in RealSimple Magazine featuring hardwood floor care tips. This article was featured in the September 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine on page 56. Find the article below, or click on the picture of the article to bring up the full size for easier reading.
Real Simple Magazine Article Hardwood Floor Low Maintenance Tips

Tread Lightly Section – Products to Help on

“Furniture can scratch wood, too, so adhere felt pads to bottoms of all chair and table legs.”

We have a WIDE range of felt pads in my sizes and shapes. From the traditional peel and stick felt pads to the excellent stiffer formed felt in round and square sizes. We even have a full selection of Slipstick brand furniture feet in felt, grippers and sliders. Find protective feet for all types of furniture and flooring! Click HERE to view our full selection of furniture feet.

“Put doormats outside every entrance to keep out dirt, sand and salt.”

While you are wiping your feet before entering your home, why don’t you put a smile on your face at the same time with our Humorous Welcome Mats. From pet themed to sport theme and everything in between, you’ll find a mat to tickle your fancy! Need something more decorative? Installerstore has many decorative metal welcome mats meant to last!

Keep Dust in Check Section – Products to Help on

“Sweep or vacuum twice a week – or every day, if you’re up for it.”

It is really important to vacuum or sweep your hardwood floors before attempting to clean them with a mop. Not doing so causes the larger pieces of debris to be dragged along with the mop as you are cleaning, causing scratches and damage to your hardwood flooring. Easily dust and clean with a Bona Pro Care System Mop. This mop head has a velcro base, which allows you to easily change from the Bona Professional Dusting Pad to the Bona Professional Microfiber Pad for cleaning.

Installerstore Bona Pro Care System Kit
Bona Professional Care System for Hardwood
Installerstore Bona Pro Microber Mop Pad Installerstore Bona Professional dusting cover
Bona Professional Microfiber Mop Pad
Bona Professional Dusting Pad

“Once a week, use a microfiber mop with a pH-neutral cleaner (like Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner)…”

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Care items are a GREAT and economical addition to your home floor care products.  Safe to use in homes with pets and children, this specially-formulated cleaner is Greenguard Certified and pH balanced. Purchase the Bona Professional Care System for Hardwood (shown in the table above) so you have everything you need to get started! You can also purchase the trusted Bona Cleaner in a convenient Spray Mop with cartridges, which eliminates the need to bend over and spray the floors. The Bona Professional Spray Mop has cleaner cartridges and an easy to use trigger on the handle to get the cleaning done right and fast!

Click HERE or the photo below to view ALL of our Bona Floor Care Products

Installerstore FULL Bona Floor Care Line

Can’t find anything for the other floor surfaces in your home? Find a full selection of care products for carpet, ceramic, laminate, stone and MORE in our Floor Cleaner and Care Category!

UPDATE: If you missed this edition of Real Simple, check out the online article HERE.

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  1. bona products says:

    I just registered for the Bona Professional Care System for my future home (am getting married in January) – we sell Bona at the store I work for, but I wanted to get it from someone as a gift 🙂 anyhow, it’s a wonderful set, and so much better for your floor than Swiffer. The refillable cleaning products on the mop are really great and work like a charm.

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