Quick Step Laminate Installation Help

Quick Step Laminate Uniclic Floor Installation – The Tools You Need to Get the Job Done!

Deciding to install your Quick Step floating laminate floor by yourself can not only save you money but can make you rich in do-it-yourself knowledge. To successfully install the floating laminate floor without damaging your floors, you’ll want to have the proper tools and information before you start. Using references and instructions from the manufacturer, Quick Step, this blog is meant to help ease the stress of your large project.

Installerstore Quick Step Laminate Floor Installation Help

Tools for Installing Uniclic Laminate Floors:

  • Regular Tools (hammer, saw, pencil, measuring tape)
  • Uniclic Installation Kit. MUST HAVE to ensure your floors aren’t damaged during installation. Includes (40) spaces (1) tapping black and (1) wallboard crowbar. Installing-floating-lamiante-flooring-kit-BLOG
  • Maintenance Products (SEE BELOW)
  • Underlayment System

General Information

Uniclic is a revolutionary system for installing laminate floors without using glue. The panels click together using the shape of a tongue and groove. Before you jump in, there is some basic facts that you should know about the Quick Step Uniclic laminate floors.

  • You can walk on the floor during and immediately after installation.
  • With the uniclic panels, you can choose where you want to begin. Think about what will be the easiest way to install the floor. This is GREAT for lefties, who no longer have to struggle through an installation geared to right-handed people.
  • Make sure the panes are mixed sufficiently when you install them. That way you don’t end up with too many identical panels (light or dark) next to each other.
  • Check all panels in daylight before and during installation. Defective panels must never be used.
  • The floor should be preferable be installed parallel to how the light enters the room. The ideal conditions are 59-68 degrees fahrenheit at a relative humidity of 50-60%.
    Incorrect parallel
    INCORRECT. Panels are perpendicular to sunlight
    CORRECT. Panels are correctly installed parallel to sunlight
  • Let the planks acclimate to the surroundings for at least 48 hours in their unopened packaging. Make sure the package sits in the middle of the room at normal temperature.
  • Room Humidity can vary with each season, so it is vital that the floor is able to expand and contract. Make sure you leave an expansion joint of a minimum of 5/16″ to 3/8″ on all sides of the floor, around pipes, thresholds, under doors and around any fixed objects.
    Quick Step Installation Around Pipe
  • Large rooms mush have expansion joints every 40 feet width-wise and length-wise to the panels. It is recommended to provide an expansion joint between different rooms.
  • Ensure the end joints of the panels in two successive rows are never in line. Always ensure that the joints are staggered by at least 6 inches.
  • It is always recommended to purchase a few extra cartons of flooring. This will come in handy in the future if you happen to damage a couple of pieces, miscalculate the size of the room or miss cut some pieces.

As with any advice you find on the internet, PLEASE CONTACT A LOCAL DEALER/THE MANUFACTURER if you are having troubles installing.  Click the photo below to see the full installation instructions in a convenient PDF file…
Installation-Instuctions-Quick-Step-PhotoOr, view this convenient How To Video:

Post-Installation Maintenance Products – Quick Step

After you successfully install your Quick Step Uniclic Laminate Flooring, you’ll need manufacturer suggested maintenance products. You can not only find the installation kit here at Installerstore.com, but you can also find GREAT prices on Quick Step cleaner!

Use this Quick Step floor cleaner to clean stains and prevent soiling. New formula as Quick Clean – New Name. 

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  1. Ben T. Ami says:

    Thanks for sharing these useful information about laminate flooring installation. There are so many tools and equipments that make this process easy and speedily. But before buying these tools, you need to know all about their quality and prices.

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