How to Move Heavy Furniture + Floor Protection for Moving

Moving Helpers and Protection For Your Floors

It’s that time again… MOVING TIME! As leases are up and the excitement builds to start over in a new place, you may find yourself overlooking a few important things. While you’ll remember the junk you stashed under the bathroom sink, you may forget to properly protection your floors from moving heavy furniture in and out of your place. Carelessly damaging your floors will cost you money off of your security deposit! Purchasing a couple of these helpful furniture sliders and protection for your floors during moving are an inexpensive way to prevent expensive damages.

Protection for your Carpets
Carpet Floor Protection for Moving - Installerstore Vinyl Runner for Carpet - Sold by the Foot
Keep your carpets looking new during moving! Affordable plastic carpet protection film comes in roll sizes 24″x50′, 24″x200′, 36″x500′, and 48″x500′.
MUCH thicker than the runner sold at big box stores. Vinyl Carpet Runner available by the foot in widths 27″, 36″ and 48″.
Hard Surface (tile, wood, laminate, etc) Protection
HardSurfaceFilm_175 Reusable Vinyl Runner For Wood, Tile and Other Hard Surfaces
Green tinted Hard Surface Film for tile, vinyl, VCT, laminates, marble, granite and factory-finished wood floors. Roll sizes 24″x50′, 24″x200′ and 36″x500′.
This durable vinyl runner for hard surfaces is sold by the foot. Widths 36″ and 48″ available.
Multi-Surface & Reusable Floor Protection for Moving
Multi-Surface Floor Protection for Moving All Purpose Floor Protection - Breathable
Affordable and multi-faceted, Kling Tite self adhering floor protection can be used on a LONG LIST of surfaces! This floor protection doesn’t use an adhesive, so there is no time limit on how long it can be left down!
Breathable and waterproof! This reusable protective floor covering has a slightly tacking backing so it doesn’t slip!
Reusable Floor Protection for Moving - NeoShield Waterproof Floor Protection for Moving
This reusable Neo-Shield can easily roll up from location to location! Lightweight, yet a tough protection you can count on to last. Available in the colors Blue and Red.
Waterproof reusable Pro-Shield is not limited to floors! This awesome protection can also be used on counters, tubs and sinks.
Protect Your Floors Before They Hit The Doors
Clean mat - Sticky Floor Mat Disposable Shoe Covers
Stop the dirt before it even reaches the inside of your home with the Adhesive Clean Mat. 24″ x 36″ mat can be left at the front of the door. With 30 tabbed sheets, this mat is sure to prevent dirt and dust from tracking on your floors.
Inexpensive and always great to have on hand! Disposable Shoe Covers can be purchased by the pair or in sets up to 150. Protect your floors from the source of dirt.
Click HERE to view all of our Floor Protection products for moving

How to Move Heavy Furniture

Overestimating your strength can not only make you look foolish, but can cause serious life-altering injuries. You may not be in re-incarnation of Hulk, but with these proper tips, you can impress any friends during your “move in party.”

1)Know your limitations
Start the lift as close to the object as possible. Kneel on the floor. Never lift from a standing position or with your knees locked. Lifting from a standing position can cause severe back injury but it can also cause you to pass out from heavy strain.

2)Be sure to breathe
Holding your breath in combination with straining to lift can cause you to lose consciousness. This can cause further injuries to yourself and the others that are helping you carry a piece of furniture.

3)Use those Arm & Leg Muscles
Before you stand, rest the object on your knee. You will use this knee as your primary weight-bearing. Utilize your arm and leg muscles rather than completely lifting with your back.

4)Baby Steps
As you are walking with your piece of furniture, make sure there are no items in your way that may cause you to trip. Don’t be in a hurry! Taking smaller steps towards your end goal will give you the best stability.

5)The End Goal
To put the item back down, make sure to squat rather than bending at the waist or kneeling.

How To Properly Lift Heavy Furniture

Moving Helpers & Furniture Sliders

To help you move heavy furniture and appliances

Moving Furniture on Hard Surfaces HELP Easily Move Heavy Furniture on Carpet
Ready-to-use Hard Surface Sleds make it a breeze to move heavy furniture such as washers/dryers, refrigerators, stoves, pianos and more! Use on hard surfaces such as wood, laminate, tile, and more!
Move heavy furniture across heavy furniture with these Carpet Sleds. Can Accommodate large heavy objects with no problem! Easily slide furniture across carpet.
Slipstick Furniture Movers Move Heavy Appliances
Affordable Slipstick brand Furniture Movers come with a total of 8 furniture floor glides. 4 to be used on carpet and 4 for hard surfaces. Everything you need to easily move furniture in your multi-surface home!
These High Impact Appliance Movers are specifically made for easy transport of heavy appliances. Can hold up to 1200lbs!
Click HERE to view all of our furniture sliders and feet

Follow these helpful tips on moving heavy furniture to ensure your safety. Don’t settle for the spot you first drop your furniture, purchase the furniture sliders for easy moving and arranging. Don’t end up like Peter….

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