How to Successfully Clean Grout

Floor Tile and Shower Tile Grout Cleaner Kit

This affordable floor tile grout cleaner is available in a ready-to-use kit with the best grout cleaner tool I have ever personally used. My husband and I just moved into an apartment filled with wall to wall tile in almost every room. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to deep clean the grout back (or close) to its original color. I used the Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean floor tile grout cleaner with the Scotch Brite grout scrubber that I found at a local hardware store. Not only was I completely amazed by the results, but it was really simple to use.  Because of the personal success I had with the floor/shower tile grout cleaner and grout cleaner tool, Installerstore has decided to offer them in a bundled kit! Everything you need to get your grout lines looking great again!

Installerstore - Shower Grout Cleaner Installerstore Floor Tile Grout Cleaner
Make sure surface is free of debris. Spray Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean onto grout and let sit for 10 minutes.
Agitate with included Scotch Brite grout scrubber. Rinse thoroughly with water
Aqua-Mix-Deep-Clean-Kit-250 Installerstore - Best Grout Cleaner
Wait at least 2 hours before re-sealing grout.
This product will remove any grout colorant that was previously used.

Find this GREAT affordable shower grout cleaner HERE on our site!

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