Installerstore – New Product! Toe Kick Registers

Just added to Installerstore! – Brown Toe Kick Registers

Installerstore Golden-Sand-Toe-Kick-Register-Large

GREAT new product just added to! All steel construction toe kick register with a damper to control airflow. These hard-to-find registers come in 3 standard toe kick sizes and the easily matched color of golden sand (light brown).

These toe kick air vents are ideal for under your kitchen cabinets or in smaller spaces. The registers are practical and affordable for any home. The single plate damper allows you to open or close off the airflow. The toe kick registers are made in the USA and have 1/3″ fin spacing (open holes in between the grilles).

             Sizes Available:

  • 10×3*
  • 12×3*
  • 14×3*
*Remember when ordering the toe kick registers to measure the hole/opening in the wall and not the faceplate of your existing register

Click HERE to purchase this item on our site or give us a call at 866.258.1554 to place your order today!

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