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Just Added TECH Brand Cleaners – Stain Removers

Installerstore has recently added on to the Made in the USA TECH stain removal product line. We not only carry the popular multipurpose TECH stain remover that can be used on carpet, vinyl and clothing, but now also carry stain remover and cleaning products specifically for wood, tile, stainless steel and grout. Now you can properly tackle the ink stains on your carpet and grease stains on your countertops.

Have a smelly garbage can? Did a skunk make your yard his home, and now everything REEKS of him? Then you NEED the product TECH SKUNK-X which is an effective odor removal product. This product can also tackle odors caused by cigarettes, feces, urine, perspiration, lockers, garbage and MUCH more!

Below is a table of the new TECH product additions to our site. Click on the photo to go directly to the product page on Installerstore.

NEW TECH Stain Remover Line
Available at
Cleaner & Polish

in one! Even can be used on stainless steel!
No Rinse formula makes this the BEST cleaner for wood laminate floors
Tech Tile & Vinyl Cleaner. Use on walls, floors and countertops!
THE odor removal product! Remove skunk, cigarette, urine, feces, garbage odors from carpet and more!
Made in the USA carpet cleaner spray. 100% biodegradable.
Non-toxic grout stain cleaner from TECH. No harsh fumes, so great to use in the shower!

We still carry the classic TECH stain removal products : Multipurpose TECH stain remover and the popular TECH red wine stain remover.

Classic TECH Stain Removal Products
Ink, Coffee, Grease and MORE Stain Removal
GREAT multipurpose
stain remover.
Can be used for stains on carpet,
upholstery, vinyl and clothing.
TECH red wine stain remover
for carpet, clothing and upholstery.
Convenient 2 oz spray size.
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