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Ways to Conserve Electricity while the AC runs 24/7

Here in Wisconsin, we saw about a week straight that saw 100+ temperatures with no relief. Air conditioners were running 24/7 and we were all looking for ways to conserve as much as the cool air that was being pumped in the house.  Most people don’t realize the energy/cooling loss that happens with common floor and/or wall registers. Common registers will have a single deflection (meaning it only shoots cool air out once) or 2-way deflection (airflow shoots 2 directions). Most registers aren’t placed smack dab in the middle of the room, where the cool air is needed the most. And don’t even get me started with furniture blocking valuable vents. Grandmothers antique wardrobe can only fit in one spot in the living room, that also just happens to be blocking a floor register distributing valuable cool air. Or how about the floor register that is located right next to the window, and the cool air just causes the curtains to dance? Instead of keeping the bottom of the wardrobe cool, there are inexpensive air deflectors that can help you stay cool and save energy.

Extend A Vent Air Deflectors

Place your furniture anywhere without blocking your floor vent with the Extend A Vent. Works perfect with dressers, couches, TV stands, and any furniture that allows for the piece to slide underneath. The Extend a Vent saves you on air conditioning by re-directing cool air to the center of the room. The product is 11 1/4″ wide, and is adjustable up to 3ft long! This inexpensive product for keeping your home cool can be found on our website

Here is a video on how to install the Extend-a-Vent:

Forced A/C System Floor Deflector

Direct airflow away from your walls and up into the room. This clear plastic Air Deflector fits on the top of your floor register using included magnets. The length of the Air Deflector can be adjusted from 10 inches to 14 inches, and the width of the product is 4 1/4″. Because magnets are used to hold the deflector in place, it is best to use these with a metal registers.

Installerstore has MANY other deflector choices to help save on air conditioning and electricity listed on our site. We even have air deflectors that can be used with sidewall registers and baseboard registers.

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