– Summer Kid (and parent!) Crafts

Very Easy Crafts for Kids – Waterproof Tile Transfers

Summers may seem to be full fun opportunities children, but for some parents, finding activities to fill their children’s time becomes a daunting responsibility. Below are some very easy crafts for kids using decorative waterproof tile transfers. Our site ( has beautiful tile transfers that can be used on ceramic tiles, mugs, mirrors, windows and other smooth hard surfaces. This opens up endless opportunities for you and your children to spruce up their bathroom or make special personalized mugs for their very own use. Below are just some of the simple summer kid crafts you can do with your children using our waterproof tile transfers.

Simple Kid Craft – Personalized Mug & Wall Art for Kids Bathroom

We currently sell a Kids Bathroom Tile Decal that is sure to win over every kid interest, with a fish, airplane and princess decal. Each decal is 3″ x 3″ and each pack comes with the following…
Installerstore Kids Bathrrom Tile Decal
One great simple kids craft activity involves making a personalized mug or cup for each of your children and their friends. Have each child pick their favorite Kids Decal Image or any Waterproof Tile Transfer, their favorite mug (must be a smooth hard surface) and a permanent marker (black usually works the best).

Directions for Personalized Mug:Directions for  Kids Personalized Mug with tile Transfer

 1) Supplies Needed: (1) Mug or Cup (1) Your childs favorite tile transfer (1) Permanent Marker
2) Peel off the selected tile transfer from the wrapping.
3)Center the image on the mug (or wherever your child would like it placed)
4)Smooth down the transfer on the mug. Make sure to smooth out all air bubbles and bumps.
5)This is the transfer completely smoothed out.
6)Carefully peel back the plastic wrapping. The image should stay on the mug, if it doesn’t, put the plastic back down and smooth down the area once again.
7) The last step is writing the child’s name on their mug, or depending on their age – have them write their name.

Children love adding personal touches to their spaces. White tile bathrooms work perfect for our Waterproof Tile Transfers. Letting children put the Kids Bathroom Decal on tiles by the tub may make bath-time go much more smoothly (no guarantees but it can’t hurt)!

Directions for Wall Art for Kids Bathroom

Directions for Tile Transfer for Kids Bathroom1)Make sure bathroom tile is clean and free of any mildew or soap scum.
2)Peel back the chosen waterproof tile transfer.
3)Center image on tile
4)Smooth down tile transfer and make sure to smooth out all bumps and air pockets.
5) Peel off the plastic wrapping.
6)Make sure to slowly peel off the plastic. The images should stay on the tile.
7)The finished image is vibrant and waterproof! And the tub is ready for bath-time!

Photo of Waterproof Tile Transfer Blue Fruit Bowl        Photo Yellow Bird Waterproof Tile Transfer  Image Waterproof Tile Transfer Flower also has many waterproof tile transfers for other areas of your house, including bird, flower and other decorative images.

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2 Responses to – Summer Kid (and parent!) Crafts

  1. Chen Lee says:

    I want do transfer on tile,can you tell me what transfer paper I need and were to buy ?laser copy picture is working? tile need coating or not?

    • Hello, our company just sells select designs that can be transferred onto tile (no need to purchase transfer paper). If you are looking to do your own designs onto tile, you’ll want to go to your local craft store and ask an employee for advice. They are usually very helpful and will be able to point you what materials you need.

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