What is a Rug / Tapestry Wall Hanger? Find out and SAVE!

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If you have an antique fragile rug or tapestry that you would like showcase, Zoroufy makes beautiful tapestry wall hangers that can make that happen. It can be intimidating to browse all of their collections- so many lengths, finishes, and finials OH MY! But have no fear, Installerstore Blog is here!  I will try to cover the basic information you’ll need to know before browsing and helpful walk through on all of the Zoroufy Tapestry / Rug Wall Hangers, so you can find exactly what you are looking for in your price range. Don’t forget about our April Zoroufy Sale! Call your order and save 10%!

What Does a Rug Wall Hanger Do?

A tapestry wall hanger usually consists of a rod cut/adjusted to the width or so of your tapestry (explained below), decorative finials for the end of the rod, a various amount of wall brackets and/or clips- all in your very own chosen finish (color). This enables you to showcase your favorite family heirloom tapestries or antique persian rugs. The most important information you can have before browsing tapestry wall hangers….

    • Width of your Rug/Tapestry
    • Estimated weight of your Rug/Tapestry
    • Does your Tapestry have a sleeve for mounting(See Below)


To find the correct rod length you’ll need, take the width of your tapestry and add 1 1/2″. For example, if your tapestry is 36″, you would want your wall hanger to be 37 1/2″.  Most stair rod collections come with base sets and add-on sets, the collections will not come in exact sizes you need. You can have them custom cut to the size you need for no additional cost (they do become non-returnable) or cut them yourself with a hand saw. If you don’t want to take the chance with cutting, order the Zoroufy Legacy Collection, which has an adjustable rod so you can adjust the rod to the exact length of your tapestry. If you are worried about the weight of your rug, don’t be. Zoroufy tapestry rods and wall brackets are very sturdy and can hold about 10 pounds of rug weight per foot.

All collections but the Grand Regency come with the standard clamp clip design (see photo below). None of the Zoroufy clamp designs will harm tapestries, but if you have a very fragile rug or the thought of clips on your tapestry makes you worry, you may want to go with the Grand Regency collection, which has a rotating disc with a gentle design (see photo below).

So many choices!! Where to begin…

Zoroufy offers 4 diverse collections of tapestry wall hangers. Each collection differs in rod diameter, lengths available, finishes, finals, and clip styles. With bigger rod diameters and different clip styles, collections will differ in prices. The brilliant but basic Classic line will be less expensive than say the Grand Regency line, which has a larger rod diameter and safer clip design. It may be daunting to view all the collections at once, so below is a chart of the different Zoroufy collections, and what each has to offer.

Think you’ve found your dream Tapestry Hanger? Click the photo of your favorite collection below, to view pricing on our site. Don’t forget to call your order in with the Installerstore Coupon Code to receive 10% Off!!!



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