Johnsonite Cove Base | Pre-molded Corner Production

Pre-molded corner production of Johnsonite wall base is done on location at our warehouse. We offer pre-molded inside (in) and outside (out) corners in 1ft (12 inches) lengths. This differs from most companies, who traditionally only offer 4″ lengths. The larger length of pre-molded corners allow for easier adjustment during installation so you can square up to the other sides of Johnsonite wall base.

The pre-molded corners are available in standard Johnsonite cove base heights of 4″ and 6″, thicknesses of .080″ and .125″. Unlike other companies who offer Johnsonite wall base pre-molded corners, we do not have minimum order quantity restrictions. You have the freedom to order the exact amount you need.

The videos below show how our craftsmen carefully and precisely make the pre-molded corners.

Links to Johnsonite Wall Base can be found here:
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